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Steel and coal production capacity reduced as plan in Jiangsu province

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From November 20 to 23, AQSIQ led to Jiangsu Province, check the acceptance of steel coal overcapacity work. It is reported that the province has completed 6,340,000 tons of steel reducing capacity tasks in 2017, the cumulative reduction of crude steel production capacity 12,140,000 tons, accounting for nearly 10% of the total capacity of the country's steel production capacity; has completed 180,000 tons of coal in 2017 to the production capacity of the task, Cumulative reduction of 8.36 million tons of coal production capacity, completed three years ahead of schedule to achieve the overall goal of coal production capacity.


The head of the acceptance inspection team said that the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government have earnestly implemented the decisions and arrangements made by the central authorities and attached great importance to various tasks in actively solving the overcapacity of steel and coal. In 2017, the task of reducing coal and coal production capacity of steel and iron was completed. It is hoped that Jiangsu will continue to conscientiously implement the state's deployment requirements on structural reform of the supply side, further implement its responsibilities, strengthen supervision and control, and prevent backward production capacity from resurging, and earnestly plan to go to capacity-building in 2018 to promote the restructuring and development of the steel and coal industry.


Officials from Jiangsu Province said that in recent years, Jiangsu Province has earnestly implemented the decision-making arrangements of the party central committee and the State Council on supply-side structural reforms, squeezed compaction responsibilities and took effective measures to achieve the goal of reducing the production capacity of steel and coal industries in sequence. The next step will continue to conscientiously implement the requirements of the central deployment, further compaction of the target responsibilities, improve policies and measures, pay close attention to inspect and supervise, fully implement the policy of subsidies and staff placement, to eliminate new illegal production capacity, to ensure the successful completion of iron and steel overcapacity task.

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