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30CrMnB5 flat bar

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30CrMnB5 flat bar is one kind of high strength spring steel.It is often used for agricultural machinery like coulter.We can supply  various specifications of all kinds of materials such as square steel, flat steel, six angle steel, octagonal steel, cold drawing square, flat steel and so on.Customized size is also accepted.

Chemical composition(%):

C Si
Mn P S Cr Ni B
0.28-0.30 0.26-0.35 1.30-1.41 0.009-0.015 0.004-0.007 0.35-0.50 0.008-0.012 0.003-0.005

Mechanical properties and technological properties:

Yield strength (N/mm2) Tensile strength (N/mm2)
Section shrinkage rate(Z/%)
1400-1520 1300-1600 6.0-7.0 50-60 260-290

For the 30CrMnB5 falt bar,we can supply two kinds of edge,straight edge and round edge.

Stock size for flat bar:50x6mm,50x8mm,70x8mm,80x6mm,80x10mm,ect

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