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309S stainless steel flat bar


309S  stainless steel flat bar

  Stainless steel flat bar with two types of process, hot rolled and cold drawn. stainless steel flat bar is well suited for structural applications where strength , toughness and excellent corrosion resistance is required. Stainless rectangle bar can also be an economical substitution for sheet or plate when a small piece is required.


Our stainless steel flat bar


  They are divided into two primary groups – true flat bar and sheared and edged. A true flat bar is usually in the HRAP condition though it may sometimes be cold drawn. This bar has fairly sharp corners and tighter tolerances on thickness and width than sheared and edged and is often used by fabricators where the finished project is polished. Sheared and edged material is cut from plate, and then put through a process which straightens the bars and cleans up the edges. This is a much more cost effective way to buy a flat bar when corner sharpness and tolerances aren’t critical.


Normal sizes of stainless steel flat bar.( customized also be accepted)
Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
10 3-8 60 3-30 130 6-30
15 3-10 70 4-30 140 6-30
20 3-12 80 5-30 150 6-30
25 3-12 90 5-30 160 6-30
30 3-25 100 5-30 170 10-30
40 3-30 110 6-30 180 10-30
50 3-30 120 6-30



Shelves, Brackets, Sculptures, Bracing, Trim

309S stainless steel flat bar


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